Easter Egg Hunt


I was recently asked if I reuse any of the objects in my Casa Weenie cartoons. The short answer is yes. Since I draw them using Adobe Illustrator, there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel every time I need a scene of Mr. Weenie and me on the couch with our laptops. With that in mind, here are a few Easter eggs for my regular readers:

  1. Vincent the one-eared garden cat: His ear occasionally switches sides. This started out as a mistake, but now I do it from time to time just for fun.

  2. The dogs’ proportions change from cartoon to cartoon. You can tell by looking at how tall they are in comparison to the furniture and our legs. This also started out as a mistake. Now I do it out of sheer laziness or in order to focus on the dogs if they have dialog.

    Modern Day Courage

    Dexter’s look has evolved over time.

  3. Mr. Weenie’s ears move around, and his hairline changes a lot. This is a hazard of copying characters from older cartoons. (Mr. Weenie has specifically requested more hair and less belly.)


    Note the hairline and my generic laptop.

  4. A few fun facts and tidbits:
    • I’m trying to change all the apples on our laptops to pears, but sometimes I forget.
    • The backgrounds of various rooms—especially the living room—are inconsistent (ie: baseboards, background gradients, perspective).
    • Items on the kitchen counter move and change, as does the placement of cabinet handles, stove knobs, etc.
    • I sometimes put tiny messages on Mr. Weenie’s computer screens.

My drawings have changed over time—a result of personal choices and lots of practice (340 cartoons and counting). So the next time you’re looking at my site, be sure to keep your eyes peeled, and feel free to comment when you catch something!

Standing Water